I love Mondays. Forget the coveted Saturdays and Sundays, give me a Monday to do as I please anytime.

The feeling of structuring your day as you please while the race begins anew and scurries on is glorious. Monday mornings are also one of the best times to go grocery shopping and run errands because no one is around. Mondays off also make excellent mental health days.

Mondays have become the day for me to reflect on minimalism as I structure my week. It is a day to set the week’s tone, and decide what needs attention and what doesn’t.

Minimalism is mindfulness
Minimalism is conserving the precious resource of our attention.

Much of minimalism is letting go of that which we do not need, which does include stuff, but it is much more. It is applying our consciousness to daily life and habits, and I find that it’s far more mental than physical. It’s also more visceral and illuminating than mindlessly going about our life.

Minimalism is being open to learning.
I don’t like to pretend I have all of the answers.

In my experience, we can’t even let go of our stuff until we do the inner work. Our physical environment reflects our inner state. More than just a buzzword, minimalism is full of these intriguing facets, allowing us the space to define ourselves and our values, and consciously derive our wants and our needs.It allows us to know that we are much more than how much is in our bank account.

Minimalism is conscious living.