I haven’t posted a whole lot, so it may seem like not much is happening with our tiny build. In fact, we are not too far from spending our first night in the sleeping lofts! I’m sure we will keep finding projects and updates that we want to do, but we’ll call this the homestretch.

Spray foam insulation was completed recently, and the house is holding temperature quite well. One of our top priorities with our tiny space has been indoor air quality, and we have been very conscious about what we are using in regards to environmental impact, what we can afford, and air quality due to the off-gassing of formaldehyde, flame retardants, etc. We were not excited about the potential impacts of spray foam, but when all options were weighed, it was the best choice. Yes, there are potentially harmful chemicals involved that I would rather not deal with, but we should never have to worry about replacing insulation due to moisture or mold issues, and we will use less heating and cooling overall. Since the newer application processes cure in minutes, we should not have to worry about improper curing and off-gassing into our space. We are airing out the house when the weather is nice, and it seems to be returning to its woody smell.

Electrical outlets, switches, and our LED lighting are being shipped to us as we speak, and then we can begin installing our shiplap.

I thought I would take an opportunity to talk about the planning and research involved that happens mostly behind the scenes. While Mr. Pickleman builds, this is my area of expertise. I have been looking back through my journal to when the idea first began, when I listed our housing needs and began the drawings that would eventually become our tiny house on wheels. There have been countless hours spent in writing, drawing, conversations, researching, budgeting, trips to stores for ideas, and Ikea meatballs eaten. I continue to contemplate minimalism and how we can live simply.

My favorite aspect of this process has been building to accommodate our exact needs, rather than buying another house and trying to fit in it.

Here is a gallery I made of things I found in my journal. You will find our housing needs, Little Ray sketching her own plans, and even a very early plan for shipping container dwellings when we thought we might do that instead. And yes, we are planning on a second structure someday that will be a making studio with an extra sleeping loft. I’m going to add more of these as I find them, so if you are this special kind of nerd (like me!) that loves paper journals, special pens, and writing and drawing, feel free to bookmark it.