We decided to go with cedar siding, and that was the bulk of the work on the tiny house into the holidays. I am really glad that we made this decision. While the price tag is higher, it’s a sustainable decision both for the planet and our pocketbooks.

The cedar siding has been completed, and Mr. Pickleman has moved his construction work to the inside. Working our way through the holidays and winter, we found ourselves back into a research and planning phase. We had a big discussion and debate on the insulation issue, and we will be utilizing spray foam. I am still tweaking the interior design, and I had a jam session at Ikea to make sure our ideas for the kitchen are actually conceivable. Our awesome handy people completed the plumbing recently, we have placed the electrical outlets and light switches, and the pine shiplap for the walls has been delivered. If we can complete the electrical system, heating and cooling, the insulation, and the walls we will be able to start moving inside!

Our heating and cooling system will be a ductless, wall-mounted Pioneer Mini-Split.

Please enjoy the photos from this period of time, I included some of our friendly farm creatures as well.