Our tiny house build is underway! We have encountered many things this week while building outdoors: frost, lumpy building surfaces, rain, mud, and extra trips for lumber and supplies. The best secret to tiny house building, or any major project, is maintaining an attitude of adaptability and versatility while utilizing community. Underneath all the dreaming about tiny houses and shiny staged photos on the Internet and television is a lot of hard work. While we have been calling this a DIY tiny build, do-it-yourself is certainly an understatement. This build wouldn’t be happening without all the help we have received from family, friends, and neighbors.

I’m happy to report that our framing walls are almost complete, and we will raise all of the walls onto the trailer later today.

I’m holding it down running errands, fetching, moving, and making sure each day’s building crew is fed.

Our story so far in photographs: