This past summer we turned our life upside down.

My family and I moved from our 1900 sq ft city house into a 31ft RV trailer in beautiful southeastern Ohio.

 The Picklemans are myself, Mr. Pickleman, and Little Ray Pickleman. You can call me Mrs. Pickleman. We are in the midst of an epic adventure to ditch most of our stuff, the city, and devote more time to farmsteading, homeschooling, and living simply. We live on land that is blossoming into an organic produce farm.

I have spent a good majority of my life as a photographer, and I like to share stories in pictures. I am also known as LewisLens Photography.

Tomorrow, we begin the DIY construction of our 10′ x 32′ tiny house on wheels. We would like to share our tiny living journey with you, as well as what we are learning about living off the land. I hope you’ll join us.